Voluptuous Cotton, Petticoat             £45

The "Wow-Factor" Petticoat 

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Stand Out from the Crowd in our Signature Design and Best-Seller Petticoat

A Stunning Hem-line to Enhance Dresses and Turn Heads

full cotton petticoat

Add Layers of Volume and Shape to Dresses with this Pure Cotton Petticoat

Dazzle with Beautiful Design and Rich Colour

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Petticoat made in Pure Cotton & Delivered to you Gift-Wrapped

Choose from 10 beautiful coloured Petticoats & 2 lengths

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Victoria Petticoat and double-layered underskirt, made in pure cotton fabric. Ideal for underneath 1950's style skirts and dresses.

Petticoat available in the following colours: White Petticoat, Cream Petticoat, Pink Petticoat, Cornflower Petticoat, Navy Petticoat, Red Petticoat, Pistachio Petticoat, Forest Green Petticoat, Chocolate Petticoat & Black Petticoat.

All Petticoats are available in two different lengths: 23" & 27". See Your Custom Petticoat page for additional specifications to your cotton petticoat.


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